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ASAN Login

“ASAN Login” is a single sign in system providing the use of digital services in a more convenient form.

“ASAN Login” is a central authentication and authorization system for various systems (web, mobile) developed on the basis of latest technologies (microservice architecture). Being one of the essential component of the new e-Gov infrastructure, this system enables users to log in to all other integrated systems through the single point registration.

eGov Portal

“e-Government Portal” has been established in order to enable provision of information and e-services through the use of advanced modern information technologies by the related state bodies for the all citizens residing in the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as legal entities & individuals, foreigners and stateless people.

The main operational areas of the portal cover ensuring delivery of all services electronically through a single platform based on the application of "One-stop-shop" principle between citizens and government agencies.

“e-Government Portal” ensures centralized delivery of e-Services by the government organizations, use of these services by citizens and provides easy access to obtain legally defined information about the related documents from information system and resources (databases, information research centers, registers and other information resources) of the government organizations integrated into the portal’s system.


“ASAN Viza” has been created to simplify the visa issuance procedure for foreigners and stateless persons seeking to come to Azerbaijan.

“ASAN Viza” system operates in two directions:

1. Electronic visa issuance through the portal of

2. Provision of visa issuance upon arrival at International Airports of Azerbaijan.

Individuals seeking to visit Azerbaijan are able to apply for the electronic visa before coming to the country. Only national passport details are required during the application process for the electronic visas. 

ASAN Finance

“ASAN Finans” project was established by the “E-GOV Development Center” with the aim of providing access to state information resources for financial organizations.

Objectives of the system:

- Forming Single electronic space for financial services through the E-Government Portal

- Creating electronic access platform to state information resources and systems for financial service provider institutions

ASAN payment

The multi-functional "ASAN payment" system enables payment of fines, utility bills and other payments in a fast, secure and convenient way. Through the "ASAN Payment" terminals, portal and "ASAN Pay" mobile application that cover vast territory of the country , it is also possible to make a 24/7 payment without any restrictions on any service.

Payment of fines, utilities, duties, leasing, credit, rent and other fees of the 219 organizations are provided through the payment portal and terminals of ASAN payment system, as well as other payment portals and terminals connected to the system.


The main function is the public awareness platform, which provides citizens with free and high-speed public internet in the country.

At the moment ASAN WiFi network system has been launched at 9 spots (Haydar Aliyev International Airport; Baku “ASAN service” centers No.1, 2 and 3; Guba “ASAN service” center, Baku Railway Station, 3 branches of Bravo supermarkets).

ASAN Wi-Fi is a free public awareness network that informs users about the innovations of public and private organizations.